WS 22/23 - Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis (Seminar)

Course title:Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis
Course ID:ML-4506
Semester:Winter semester 2022/2023
Lecturers:Dr. Lisa Koch, Dr. Christian Baumgartner
Teaching assistants:tbd

The seminar starts with an introductory lecture to provide a compact overview of the research field (machine learning for medical image analysis), as well as a tutorial on critical analysis and presentation of research papers. Throughout the remainder of the course, the students present papers from a collection of seminal work in the field. Strong emphasis will be put on an engaging group discussion of the paper.

The learning objectives of this seminar consist of three parts: (1) the students will gain a solid understanding of key contributions to the field of machine learning for medical image analysis, (2) the students learn to critically read and analyse original research papers and judge their impact, and (3) the students will improve their scientific communication skills with an oral presentation and participation in discussions sessions.


  • 3.6.: Website is online

Important information

Information will follow - please refer to last year’s course website to get an idea what to expect from this seminar.


Slides for the introductory lecture will be uploaded to ILIAS.

Schedule and List of Papers